Apr 26, 2010

Evening Sketchwalk @ Geylang 24/04/2010

Durian Stall @ Geylang, Singapore
This is our very first night sketchwalk and we chose Geylang, our very own red light district. Much like King's Cross in London & Sydney. The sketching proved to be very challenging especially with the limited amount of light. Traffic was high and people everywhere. We had fun observing the men prowling the back alleys and the sex workers busy at work looking for their next potential customer.

Another Durian stall @ Geylang, Singapore
This is another durian stall along the streets of Geylang. D-24 is a higher grade durian. We had 1 very sweet durian at the end of the night.
Geylang Lorong 19, Singapore
We went to check out a smaller lane in the red light district. Here I was almost sketching blind because the sodium street lamp gave a very dim orange glow all around. Besides knowing the colours in my watercolour box and the rest was really guess work. It did not turn out badly when I walked back into the bright lights. Many men were walking around us wondering what we were doing in the dark. I had a street cat for company while sketching this too.
Evening Sketchwalk @ Geylang, Singapore
Trying a different technique using white pen and pastel for my last sketch at Geylang. We were busy eating our soya bean drinks and sharing our sketch books around the table.


Wong Shih Yaw, Abraham said...

I love your drawings and I know one of your friends.

Firefly Workshop said...

Thank you Abraham! You are the first person to leave a comment on my blog... 8-)