Oct 21, 2010

Train Ride to Kluang, Malaysia - 19/10/10

Train ride to Kluang, Malaysia Coffeeshop @ Kluang, Malaysia
Train ride to Kluang, Malaysia

Don and Kat were sitting right infront of me and TIA. We were all very eager about the trip because Don & Kat has never taken the train whilst me & Tia rode the train many years ago. It is nice to see different parts of Singapore from a different angle.

For the 1st location me and Don sat at the coffeeshop to sketch  and also take cover from the heat. The 2 old men next to us was just enjoying the peace and quiet and talking about everything under the sun. The tranquility was a nice change for us especially for me.
Shophouse @ Jalan Wayang, Kluang,, Malaysia
Shophouse @ Jalan Wayang, Kluang,, Malaysia

Very charming row of old shophouses from the early 1900s. Sun was setting so i was trying out my yellow washes.

Fruits of labour, Kluang, Malaysia
Fruits of our labour, Kluang, Malaysia

We placed all our sketches beside the train track for our final picture before taking the train back to Singapore. Hot, sweaty, tired but filled with lots of wonderful memories.

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