Feb 11, 2011

New Moleskine Art Journal cover

My 2 sketches done in HK has just been selected by Moleskine to appear on their special Art Journal cover. Really a big surprise for me. This new moleskine has been scheduled to be on the shelves come July. So lookout for them ya!


Dan Gliubizzi said...

Congratulations! I hope you were well compensated, because they will sell many sketchbooks with your beautiful work on it.
I have enjoyed my "virtual" travels with you and look forward to more, and to share some of my own, as I am reinspired to fill my own book!

Firefly Workshop said...

Thank you Dan! No monetary prize from moleskine but loads of free moleskine of different kinds. They also promised some money to be given to a non-profit organisation of my choice. I am quite happy with this arrangement. I certainly love to see your sketches too!!