Mar 17, 2010

Quentin eurasian restaurant, Eurasian Community House

Quentins is the in-house restaurant in the community house which serves up authentic and yummy eurasian cuisine. Albeit too spicy for my liking. This sketch is an edited collection of the many antiques and pictures in the restaurant.

Eurasians are one of Singapore’s earliest residents. Their origins are linked to various ports in the region, where Europeans had settled in, including Malacca, Goa, Ceylon, Bencoolen, Macao and Penang. As the name suggests, they are descendants of a marital union between a European and an Asian. They are considered  living testimony and descendants of the Europeans who came to this part of the world between the 16th and 18th Century. These were during the colonial eras of the Portuguese, Dutch and the British. Yet they do have an Asian element to their heritage.

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