Dec 21, 2010

Taipei holiday

Simple Market, Taipei
Jiu fen, Taipei
Jiu fen, Taipei
Jiu Fen, Taipei
Jiu Fen, Taipei
Just returned from a very lovely holiday in taipei. Definitely love to visit again!

Dec 10, 2010

Central Police station @ Victoria Prison, HK

Central Police Station, HK
Central Police Station located at the eastern end of Hollywood Road, in Central, Hong Kong, is awaiting development following its decommissioning. Built between 1864-1919, the Central Police Station is one of the last physical reminders of Hong Kong's colonial heritage With its long history and antiquated architectural style.

The police station and prison are now open to the public for 2 weeks with exciting art & design exhibition and thereafter waiting for redevelopment.
Victoria Prison, HK
Old Victoria Prison, HK
It was fun sketching in the old prison. Each tiny cell still has a double decked bed. Not very much space to move around. No wonder people go crazy and turns violence in such a small environment.

Dec 4, 2010

Day out @ Cheung Chau island, HK

Spent my saturday afternoon visiting the very quaint Cheung Chau island south west of HK island. Fishing is still one of the main livelihood of the islanders. Here there are no cars but just bicycles & tricycles for getting around. Life feels generally slower too. I like the fresh air too.

Cheung Chau, HK

Cheung Chau, HK

Cheung Chau, HK

Cheung Chau, HKCheung Chau, HK
Day out @ Cheung Chau, HKDay out @ Cheung Chau, HK