Sep 18, 2014

Crazy cafe sketch at Selfish Gene Cafe.

Selfish Gene Cafe, Singapore

My 1st visit to Haw Par Villa

Madam White Snake at Haw Par Villa, Singapore Spider Women seducing Tripitaka at Haw Par Villa, Singapore Even though I live in Singapore nearly all my life, I have never set foot and visited Haw Par Villa. It is a very strange amusement park built in the 60s. Lots of sculptures and scenes depicted are based on chinese folk legends like the 8 immortals and Madam white snake.

Jul 1, 2014

June Official USK-Sg sketchwalk to Lavender

Chye Seng Huat Cafe, Singapore Chye Seng Huat Hardware cafe @ Tyrwhitt Road Cavan Road @ Lavender, Singapore

Dim Sum & Sketching with USK HongKong Sketchers

Dim Sum Lunch with USK-HK sketchers
Last month I had the good fortune to meet and sketch with the HongKong sketchers. They are a just fantastic and eager bunch of sketchers. Led by Alvin Wong, Ben Luk, Rob and Gary Yeung, the group grew very quickly and even held their very first group exhibition. Des Voeux Road Central Kowloon Park
 I was also invited to join them for their sketchwalk as part of a collaborative project with the Urban Planning department. Their mission is to record and sketch 500m radius from the Urban Planning office. This area has some of Hong Kong's oldest buildings and rich in history. Lunch was a sumptuous dim sum feast. IMG_4718
Statue Square  Click here to see more sketches and photographs from my Hong Kong trip.

Mar 28, 2014

Expressive Urbansketching Workshop, Sydney Australia

Cockatoo Island Drawing Office, Cockatoo Island
Here is a video to show you my recent trip down-under and how much fun we had together for 2 days. Together with Liz we took 25 sketchers to Cockatoo Island for our Expressive Urbansketching workshop. We created this 2 day workshop to encourage sketchers to experiment, loosen up and express themselves in their own unique ways. It was great fun hanging out together on the island. Many in our class of 25 took lots of big bold step to play and the result was just stunning. Check out more of my photos and sketches here.