Sep 17, 2012

Mid-autumn festival, Chinatown

Sago Lane, Chinatown Smith Street, Chinatown Smith Street, Chinatown. Smith Street, Chinatown. These days you will find all sorts of newage lanterns made out of plastic materials. Here you can see Angry bird, Barney, Ultra-man and even Hello-Kitty battery operated lanterns. I grew up with very traditional paper lanterns lit by candles.

5 days getaway back to UBUD Bali

Warung Bale, Ubud Dirty Duck Restaurant, Ubud. KAFE, Ubud Coffee Studio Seniman, Ubud Bridges Restaurant, Ubud Juice Ja Cafe, Ubud Coffee time @ Rai Pasti, Ubud KAFE, Ubud KAFE, Ubud

It was a wonderful getaway to Ubud and returning back to such tranquility is a welcome break from city maddness. As you can see from my sketches, my holiday revolved mainly around food. It was fun to hop from cafes to restaurants, trying different kind of local food and laze the day away . The locals are such wonderful cooks. The ingredients are always fresh and made with lots of love. You must try 'DIRTY DUCK Restaurant' for their awesome duck inspired dishes, try 'KAFE' for their coffee & dessert, 'BRIDGES restaurant' for their exquisite food & stunning surrounding and Cafe Wayan for authentic Balinese food.

Fabulous Baker Boy @ Viridian House

Viridian House2 Salted Caramel cake @ Viridian House Chilling out at Viridian house Sketching, enjoying my salted caramel cake and watching the rain.....

7th Lunar Month Offering aka Hungry Ghost Festival

7th Lunar month offering @ True Blue Restaurant 7th Lunar month offering Taoist event celebrated in some Asian countries including Singapore. According to the taoists, gates of hell are opened during the 7th lunar and all spirits and ghosts are free to roam the earth. To appease these spirits and avoid harrassment, earthlings offer them food and drinks. There are concert performances and Chinese operas staged for the visiting ghosts. I managed a quick sketch of the offering set up outside True Blue restaurant. They believe this offering will feed the spirits and bring good fortune too. 7th Lunar Month offering @ True Blue Restaurant