Apr 26, 2012

Still Life @ Oriole Coffee Roaster

Still Life @ Oriole Coffee Roaster

Dinner with mum

Dinner time with mum
My completed still life painting for my friend's gift to his mother. A friend has asked me to paint something for his mother's birthday. It is tough to paint to someone's request. Some colours were lost with my canon scanner so you can check this image taken with my camera.

Flowers in the fat fish vase

Flowers in the fat fish vase Flowers in the fat fish vase is fresh out of the oven. Just completed this piece which I started 2 days ago while visiting a friend. He has so many wonderful antiques and junks for me to paint. I will definitely be back again!

Apr 14, 2012

Sketchwalk @ The Intan

1st sketch @ The Intan, singapore
2nd sketch @ The Intan, singapore
3rd sketch @ The Intan, singapore
Singapore Urbansketchers organised a wonderful sketchwalk to a beauitful peranakan museum today. The museum is delicated to the history and culture of straits born chinese. You can visit The Intan's website to learn more about the Peranakan culture.


Apr 1, 2012

Bras Basah complex, March official sketchwalk

Bras Basah Complex
My 2nd sketch from our March official sketchwalk held yesterday. This must be one of my favourite building in Singapore. I remember visiting this place so very often when I was a young design student. This is here I find all my art materials and books. Nothing much has changed and its definitely still thriving!

Oriole Coffee & Roaster @ Jiak Chun road

Oriole Coffee & Roaster @ Jiak Chuan Road

Coffee @ FIKA, Arab Street

FIKA @ Arab Street, Singapore
TIA, Parka81 and myself had the privilege to meet and sketch with Freddie from Georgia. She just finished a 3 month stint with cruise ship Queen Elizabeth, teaching art daily to the tourists onboard the ship. We chatted over coffee at a nice swedish cafe called FIKA. Of course we sketched while chatting. This is my sketch of my cappuccino and the key lime pie was very good!

Singapore World Water Day @ Marina Barrage

Singapore World Water Day @ Marina Barrage
My sketch from our morning's outing to Marina Barrage for the World Water Day! Singapore's skyline is starting to look like a gigantic fun-fair complete with its fancy ferris wheel!