Mar 15, 2012

Flask & Baby boots

Flask & Shoes
Just managed to complete my still-life which I started a few days ago. I decided to let this sit for a few days because some parts were quite a challenge to paint. I was trying to connect the shoes to the whole composition. You might be able to see the extra around this area. This tiny pair of shoe from my childhood has since been encased entirely in silver for preservation.

Food Trail @ The Singapore Flyer

Food Trail @ The Singapore Flyer Antique Lamp & Telephone @ The Flyer
Singapore Food Trail @ The Flyer
A few of us went out yesterday morning to the Flyer, a gigantic ferris wheel very similar to the London Eye, for a weekday sketchwalk. This new tourist attraction also has a wonderful foodcourt serving up yummy local food. The Food trail is also dotted with many unique antiques and each food stall is designed to look like a mobile food cart in the olden days. I think sketching, eating delicious food and being in the company of good friends is an awesome combination. So if you come to the Singapore Flyer you must try some of our local delights here.
Sketchwalk at Food Trail at Singapore Flyer (Mar 2012) Sketchwalk at Food Trail at Singapore Flyer (Mar 2012)