Oct 31, 2010

Blue House @ Stone Nullah Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Blue House @ Wanchai, Hong Kong
Blue House @ Wanchai, Hong Kong
Blue House (藍屋) refers to a 4-storey balcony-type tenement block located at 72-74A Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai. It is named for the brilliant blue colour painted on its external walls. It is one of the few remaining examples of Tong Lau of the balcony type in Hong Kong. All the upper floors of Blue House, apart from 72 Stone Nullah Lane, are of timber structures. The two wooden stairs, with all the original elements intact, are well maintained.
Blue House @ Wanchai, Hong KongBlue House @ Wanchai, Hong Kong

Oct 23, 2010

Bumbu Restaurant @ Kandarhar St, Singapore

Lovely fusion of thai, indonesian and peranankan cuisine. The whole restaurant is also adorned with old peranakan antiques. Feels like you are actually eating in someone's home.

Kluang Train Station, Malaysia

My last sketch at the KTM train station @ Kluang. Sun was setting so the scene was gorgeous! I was experimenting with my Zig brush pen so not my usual drawing style. A little to control and draw with that brushy pen but I learnt something.

Kluang Train Station, Malaysia

Oct 21, 2010

Train Ride to Kluang, Malaysia - 19/10/10

Train ride to Kluang, Malaysia Coffeeshop @ Kluang, Malaysia
Train ride to Kluang, Malaysia

Don and Kat were sitting right infront of me and TIA. We were all very eager about the trip because Don & Kat has never taken the train whilst me & Tia rode the train many years ago. It is nice to see different parts of Singapore from a different angle.

For the 1st location me and Don sat at the coffeeshop to sketch  and also take cover from the heat. The 2 old men next to us was just enjoying the peace and quiet and talking about everything under the sun. The tranquility was a nice change for us especially for me.
Shophouse @ Jalan Wayang, Kluang,, Malaysia
Shophouse @ Jalan Wayang, Kluang,, Malaysia

Very charming row of old shophouses from the early 1900s. Sun was setting so i was trying out my yellow washes.

Fruits of labour, Kluang, Malaysia
Fruits of our labour, Kluang, Malaysia

We placed all our sketches beside the train track for our final picture before taking the train back to Singapore. Hot, sweaty, tired but filled with lots of wonderful memories.

You can see other sketches by TIA & Don on our individual blog and flickr.

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Oct 11, 2010

Dessert shop @ Central, Hong Kong

Dessert shop, Hollywood road, HK

Dessert shop, Hollywood road, HK

A little dessert shop tucked away in a corner. The shop is actually balancing on a slope so customers have to beware about sliding off their chairs and holding onto their bowls. I had some delightful local dessert at the shop two weekends ago.

Sketches from my backyard (Part 2), Hong Kong

Hung Shing Temple @ Wanchai, HK 
Hung Shing Temple @ Wanchai, HK

The temple was probably built in 1847 and may have existed previously as a shrine. The temple was built with boulders from the hillside and its right portion and back are sitting on rocks. It has been listed as a Grade I historic building since 1987 and it is part of the Wan Chai Heritage Trail.

I am always fascinated by how the giant tree is 'growing' out of the back of the temple whenever I walk past it.
Hung Shing Temple @ Wanchai, HK Tailor shop @ Elgin Street, HK

Tailor shop @ Elgin Street, HK
Tailor shop @ Elgin Street, HK

A mahjong session was happening inside a small old cozy tailor shop along Elgin street near Soho last Saturday. I found another mahjong session being held upstairs at the same time. I guess business was slow on a Saturday afternoon so what the folks did was to create your own entertainment.

Oct 7, 2010

Official Urban Sketcher Blog Correspondent!!

I am now an official Urbansketcher blog correspondent with effect from October 2010. It is a wonderful opportunity to share my sketches and stories with the rest of the world especially now that I am in Hong Kong.

Oct 4, 2010

Thye Hong prawn noodle @ Wisma, Singapore

Thye Hong Prawn noodle @ Wisma, Singapore
The owner of this famous prawn noodle store at downtown Orchard found my sketch recently and wrote to me out of the blue. He said he wants to use my sketch for his new banner!! I am a very big fan of his noodle. This really trills me. I am so dying to eat this prawn noodle next weekend when I am back in Singapore.

Sketches from my backyard - Wanchai Market, HK

Sketches from my own backyard - Tai Yuen Street, HK

Sketches from my own backyard - Tai Yuen Street, HK

This is tai yuen aka The Toy Street. You can find many shops selling toys and very popular with parents and kids on the weekends. I live just right at the start of the street.

Fishmonger @ WanChai Market, HK
Fishmonger @ WanChai Market, HK

Sketches from my own backyard here in Wanchai Hong Kong. I really like how the old orange lamps are hanging above the fishes which are kept in small Styrofoam boxes.

Vegetable seller @ Wanchai Market, HK Vegetable seller @ Wanchai Market, HK