Aug 28, 2011

August Sketchwalk @ Geylang Serai, 27th Aug 2011

Despite the rain and the presidential voting, about 35 of us turn up to sketch the soon to be demolished Malay Village at Geylang Serai. We also sketched the very festive bazaar near the new Geylang Serai Market before settling down for lunch. Thank you everyone for turning up and for the amazing job you did on Saturday!
Malay VillageMalay Village
I managed 4 quick thumbnail sketches despite having to answer my phone several times to give help to stranded sketchers. The terrible humidity that came after the rain did not help too.
Malay Village Museum IMG_3711 IMG_3714 IMG_3709

Aug 23, 2011

Aug 18, 2011

The Refectory, Catheral of The Good Shepherd

Catheral Of The Good Shepherd

Catheral of the Good Shepherd

Catheral Of The Good Shepherd

IMG_3650 Catheral Of The Good Shepherd (DETAIL)
It was a nice afternoon sitting and painting inside this really old catheral. It was build more than 100years ago and still stands quietly today. Very little has been done to the Catheral so it has retained much of that old colonial charm. I like the very strong afternoon sun was trying to pierced through the stained glass window.

I prepared the watercolour paper with textured paste from Daler&Rowney last night. Very useful for dramatic scenes like this.

Aug 15, 2011

Shophouse @ Ceylon Lane, Saturday 13th Aug 2011

Ceylon Lane

Geylang Serai, Saturday 13th Aug 2011

Adhoc Sketchwalk @ Geylang Serai Malay Village
Series of quick 10-15mins thumbnail sketches. Good way to warm up and sense the place.
Sketch to Finish
Malay Village @ Geylang Serai. This final watercolour piece was based on the final thumbnail sketch I did. Really glad to find old rustic buildings here and complete with banana trees and a small sampan.
Bazaar @ Joo Chiat Road
Finally wishing all my muslim sketcher friends a very 
Happy Hari Raya Adilfitri!!

Aug 14, 2011

Back Home

At Home
I have been reading an excellent book by Shirley Trevena and decided followed her advice by grabbing hold of a few mundane household items at my parent's place and set them up on our dining table.

Milo is my favourite breakfast drink and I will usually add a spoonful of coffee. My folks still use the old fashion thermo flask (in red) to store hot water.

Aug 9, 2011

Sketches from Chijmes

Chijmes 1# Chijmes #2
These are my 2 sketches from our USK-SG adhoc sketchwalk at Chijmes on Saturday. Great to meet so many new and happy faces.

Farewell My Hong Kong

Goodbye Hongkong
This is the last sketch done from my apartment the morning before I left Hong Kong.

Aug 8, 2011

Other sketches from Lisbon

Carmo Ruins
Carmo Ruins
Carmo Ruins.
Fado concert
Fado Concert.
Goodbye Lisbon
Last morning at the hostel.

Other sketches from Lisbon

Late night sketching @ Brasileira Do Chiado
Super late night sketching with Liz, Pete and Marina in Lisbon! I could hardly open my eyes.
City view from Praca Da Alegria
Beautiful city view of Lisbon. I was there sketching with Liz & Alanna.
Pena Palace @ Sintra
My day trip to Sintra. Pena Palace is pretty, just like what you would see in a disney cartoon.

Aug 1, 2011

Day 5 (Afternoon), 32nd World Sketchcrawl Day, Lisbon

We ended the symposium on a high by holding a sketchcrawl for the city of Lisbon. I am so glad many people turned up to support this event.
32nd World Sketchcrawl @ Praca Do Comercio
Sketch #1
Sketch #2 @ Praca Do Comercio
IMG_3371 IMG_3381
IMG_3370 IMG_3384

Day 5 (Morning), Lisbon Sketching Symposium

Final Workshop - Light of Lisboa with Matt Brehm @ Restaurandores
LIGHT Of Lisboa Workshop @ Restauradores
Quick Sketch #1
LIGHT Of Lisboa Workshop @ Restauradores LIGHT Of Lisboa Workshop @ Restauradores3
Quick Sketch #2&3
ENVIRONMENT Workshop @ Restauradores
Final sketch to capture the morning light of Lisbon.

Day 4 (Afternoon), Lisbon Sketching Symposium

Workshop #4 - Stories of the Square @ Largo Rossio
Stories of the Square @ Largo Rossio
Sketch #1
Stories of the Square Workshop IMG_3332
Stories of the Square Workshop @ Largo Rossio
Sketch #3&4

Day 4 (Morning), Lisbon Sketching Symposium

Workshop #3 - Urban Enthography
Urban Enthography
Urban Enthography Workshop @ Largo Barao de Quintela
Sketch #1
Urban Enthography Workshop @ Largo Barao de Quintela
Sketch #3

Day 3 (Afternoon), Lisbon Sketching Symposium

Workshop #2 - ENVIRONMENTS with Norberto @ Escadinhas Do Duque
IMG_3246 IMG_3247
EONVIRONMENT Workshop - Escadinhas Do Duque EscadinhasDoDuque1
Thumbnail quick sketch #1 & 2
ENIVRONMENT Workshop @ Escadinhas do Duque
Sketch #3 using watercolour. Nice view of the castle on the hill.
ENVIRONMENT Workshop @ Restaurante Securas
Final sketch inside a restaurant that gave us protection from the chilly wind.