Aug 23, 2012

Peranakan Museum Facade

Peranakan Museum Facade For the month of August, all museums in Singapore are free for citzens and permanent residents as part of Singapore's 47th independence celebration. So last thursday, I invited a few sketchers for a weekday morning sketchwalk to Armenian street. We met outside the Peranakan Museum and this was my 1st sketch of the day. Playing with my bamboo pen and noodler ink.

Sketching + Ice Cream @ Udder's Ice Cream Palour

Udders Ice cream parlour Udders Ice cream parlour What's your favourite ice cream? One of my all time favourite is still Rum & Raisins. They were very generous with their rum! Yummy.

True Blue Restaurant main entrance

True Blue Peranankan Cuisine, Singapore My interpretation of this very ornate entrance into True Blue Peranakan restaurant. True Blue Peranakan Cuisine

Exploring Dunlop Street @ Little India

Dunlop Street, Little India This is my 1st sketch today at Little India. The heat and sun was way too much to handle at 10am. Hence I only had the energy to sketch. Trying a new bottle of waterproof indian ink by Dr.PH Martin. Jet black and draws very well. Dunlop Street, Little India This was my 2nd sketch at Dunlop street. I was very tempted to paint in the vermillion window on the right. It is never easy to know when to stop. Should I just leave it as a line sketch? Sketching at Dunlop Street, Little India