Dec 4, 2010

Day out @ Cheung Chau island, HK

Spent my saturday afternoon visiting the very quaint Cheung Chau island south west of HK island. Fishing is still one of the main livelihood of the islanders. Here there are no cars but just bicycles & tricycles for getting around. Life feels generally slower too. I like the fresh air too.

Cheung Chau, HK

Cheung Chau, HK

Cheung Chau, HK

Cheung Chau, HKCheung Chau, HK
Day out @ Cheung Chau, HKDay out @ Cheung Chau, HK


Dan Gliubizzi said...

Love the drawings(paintings) and enjoy traveling with you

Angelo Rodrigues said...

Beautiful work, Paul. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

hello..nice artwork..i just wondering where i can buy waterbrush in hongkong nearby intl airport. thanks