Jul 26, 2011

My tribute to a young Urbansketcher from Lisbon

Diogo from Lisbon Sketchcrawl with Diogo from Lisbon
32nd World Sketchcrawl - Diogo & My sketch
Today I chanced upon this clip on youtube and quickly realised that it was put together by a boy from Lisbon named Diogo. He and his family, including his dog came to join us for the 32nd Sketchcrawl on the final day of our symposium in Lisbon. He was initally very shy but finally plucked up the courage to pull out his sketchbook and sat next to me. I was thrilled to see his passion as we sketched and chatted. Through his video you can also see that he was observing everyone single of us at the sketchcrawl. I am very proud of you and here's to Diogo, our new young urbansketcher from Lisbon!
32nd World Sketchcrawl - Praca Do Comercio

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Marlene Lee said...

very nice and well done video. And this young sketcher is very talented!