Oct 18, 2011

Sketching Chinatown

Smith Street @ Chinatown
Warm up sketch at Smith Street.

Mosque Street @ Chinatown by PaulArtSG, on Flickr">Mosque Street @ Chinatown
Mosque Street @ Chinatown
It has been a busy but exciting week preparing for our upcoming book launch and exhibition which opens this Friday in Singapore. We are really excited about our new book which documents Urban streetscapes in Singapore. Yesterday I managed to find sometime to sketch near our exhibtion venue. This street has an old indian-inspired mosque and at the fringe of our chinatown. You can almost see one of the minaret peeking out on the left. The sun was setting, the green walls and orange roofs were gorgeous and just had to capture it. The splashing and dabbing was a nice way to end the busy day.

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Bridget Hunter said...

I'm so glad I visit your blog. I love the way you use line and colour to capture the essentials.