Feb 6, 2014

Cafe Sketches

Cafes and hip coffeeshops are springing up everywhere in Singapore. In fact many of them are run by young entreprenurs who really know their coffee and cakes. Every cafe has its unqiue character and ambience. Some decors make great sketching subjects. They often have an interesting menu of drinks and own concoction of home made desserts too. Best way to chill out and stay out of the scorching Singapore sun. I usually draw my coffee and cakes quickly before consuming them. Cafes are good places to practice my people sketching too. Can you spot my fellow cafe sketching buddy Tony Chua & Jenny Sim in my sketches? Tolido's Expresso Nook, Singapore
Tolido's Expresso Nooks (Owner has announced that all Urbansketchers get free coffee. How awesome!) Working Title Cafe, Singapore
 (Working Title) Cafe @ Arab Street. (The Red door leads to the backpacker hostel rooms upstairs).Tea @ I AM Cafe, Singapore
I AM Cafe @ Haji Lane. (Owner is in love with all things dutch and AMsterdam) Artistry Cafe with Urbansketchers, Singapore
Artistry Cafe. (The alcoholic cakes are to die for!)
Star Vista, Singapore
Jamaica Blue Cafe (You can see my fellow sketching instructors and our Urbansketching students busy drawing together at the cafe).

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