Feb 25, 2016

Taiwan Holiday

Last month I decided to do something different for my birthday and booked a solo trip to visit Taiwan. It was a wonderful 8 days in this very friendly and picturesque country. I landed in Taipei and took the high-speed train down to visit Tainan which used to be the old capital. Sleepy town but full of ancient temples and tasty Taiwanese street food. Heaps of very interesting cafes to visit too. The last remaining 3 days of my trip was spent back in Taipei. I decided to do a day trip to ShiFen old town to experience the more rural side of Taiwan. Many travel to this small town to see the old train line that is still running through the town. The highlight for many is to write wishes on sky lanterns, light it and let it ascend into the sky. There is still so much that I have not seen. I will definitely be back again.


Jojo said...

Travel is the best birthday present you could give yourself! On average, how much time does it take to do a sketch?

Elizabeth Merchant said...

'Taiwan Holiday' - Narrative painting may have fallen off the radar of modern conversation - however narrative painting has not lost it's appeal. It's just that today's art reviewers take it for granted because of the camera. The thing is... the regular viewer (potential buyer) beats to their own drum and they know what they like. And the narrative image still works today and in some ways even better because the artist determines the center(s) of interest and the viewer benefits.