Oct 11, 2010

Dessert shop @ Central, Hong Kong

Dessert shop, Hollywood road, HK

Dessert shop, Hollywood road, HK

A little dessert shop tucked away in a corner. The shop is actually balancing on a slope so customers have to beware about sliding off their chairs and holding onto their bowls. I had some delightful local dessert at the shop two weekends ago.


Dan Gliubizzi said...

I feel a real kinship with the way you draw. I am very happy to have found your blog and will stop in often. I have never been to Hong Kong, but I can really feel it.

Wong Shih Yaw, Abraham said...

Wow! This is nice! I like this!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Thank you for sharing your work. I visit often because I like it so much! When doing these complex architectural drawings, do you have any typical working strategies? Like start on ground level Windows and work up or something...sorry if question sounds silly. Just want to learn from your experience. Thanks again, Ambal

Unknown said...

nice to visit your blog

Firefly Workshop said...

Thank you Dan Gliubizzi!! Hope you will have an opportunity to visit hongkong and sketch with us.

Thank you Abramham. Love to hear your advice and tips on sketching.

Anonymous, I don't really have a fixed way of working. Mostly mood dependent. But I try to create a focus, point(s) of interests, think about 'the whole before the parts' and create a story/journey.

Thank you Lilasvb!!!! 8-)